Posted on Oct 24, 2020

Ramesh Singh CLASSES

GS ECONOMY and other courses for IAS

Mar 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021
GS ECONOMY (PT+Main): 60-days course (50 pre-recorded video classes inclusive of 10 classes on the latest Eco. Survey 2020-21 & U. Budget 2021-22); video classes to remain in students' account for the entire period of course (each class to be watched 2 times) on Android,/Windows/MacOS. In special cases the "number of views" can be increased and duration of the course extended/postponed (on demand of the student).

E. SURVEY 2020-21+U. BUDGET 2021-22: 20-days course (10 pre-recorded video classes) + concise Notes. {to be available FREE to all "ex-students" of GS ECONOMY Online course by late Feb. 2021}

GS ECONOMY PT Tests Series: 60-days course with 10 Tests (25 Qs each) inclusive of the latest E. Survey 2020-21& U. Budget 2021-22 & Full Discussion.

ESSAY for IAS: 5 Tests + Discussion on all 20 essays asked in the tests.

DETAILS: For more details about the courses please visit WWW.RAMESHSINGH.ORG
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